FREMS™: Frequency Rhytmic Electrical Modulation System

Electrical impulses that heal


FREMS ™, acronym for Frequency Rhythmic Electrical Modulation System, consists of a transcutaneous electroceutical bio-stimulation, controlled in tension and administered by means of electrodes with a reduced contact surface.

The base impulse consists of an “active phase”, negative and of short duration (10 – 100 microseconds), in which the high negative voltage (maximum value -300 V) allows the depolarization of the cell membrane, opening the ion channels and activating a physiological response that stimulates the recovery of homeostasis. A “recovery phase” follows, longer and of low intensity, which guarantees the ionic balance of the treated tissues.
However, the sequence of impulses is not constant. In fact, each pulse is modulated, in a simultaneous way, in frequency, amplitude and duration according to pre-established therapeutic protocols.

FREMS ™ can therefore be defined as a pulsed, biphasic, asymmetric, balanced electroceutic bio-stimulation, having a multiparametric modulation.

In the succession of sequences, there are inactive intervals that have the purpose of respecting the refractory period, on one hand, and avoiding adaptation, on the other. In conclusion, taking into consideration how the electrical stimulus is structured, the FREMS ™ stimulation is of an “informative” type, that is, the electrical perturbation is received by the tissues as information, hence also the definition of “biocompatible” electrical stimulation.

They are therefore pulse trains conceived on the basis of the characteristics of the excitable tissues to be stimulated, which are able to implement synchronisms and rhythms in the excitable structures by activating a biological “recovery” mechanism through the following actions:

  • Reactivation of biological tissues degenerated by metabolic decompensation
  • Disabling symptomatic neuro-muscular feedback processes
  • Mobilization of inflammatory and pro-inflammatory factors
  • Acceleration of the reconstruction processes of injured tissues



Vasomotion is the pulsatile rhythmic activity of the smooth muscle of the vessels that regulates the microcirculation. It is a spontaneous activity, independent of the heartbeat, nervous system and breathing which can be altered by various pathologies.

Scientific works show increases in blood flow and variations in the perfusion rate in the microcirculation, thus demonstrating the induced vasomotor activity. These vasomotor profiles of the microcirculation show a close correlation with the aerobic respiratory status of the tissues subjected to stimulation.


Scientific works show that FREMS, applied to muscle cells, both smooth and striated, and to endothelial cells, promotes the release and synthesis of VEGF (vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) and other angiogenic factors.


The inflammatory response is a physiological defense response and protection from agents that alter the biological and biochemical balances of the organism. It causes an increase in the permeability of the capillary wall with consequent dilation. This allows the plasma to enter the intercellular spaces causing an accumulation of fluid between the cells which causes swelling, edema and pain.

FREMS ™ stimulates vasomotion at the level of capillaries and arterioles, favoring:

– the release of angiogenic factors;

– the increase in the ability of the lymphatic system to drain;

– the reduction of swelling;

– the triggering of the immune response to reduce the levels of circulating and intracellular pro-inflammatory cytokines and increase those of anti-inflammatory cytokines;

– the increase in blood flow and therefore the supply of oxygen and nutritional factors and at the same time the elimination of inflammatory residues.


FREMS ™ promotes the release of angiogenic growth factors and the proliferation of myocytes.

In order to ensure better efficacy, it is essential to treat the affected part as soon as possible, in order to reduce blood effusion and promote perfusion of the treated area, reducing the state of ischemia.


Electrophysiological studies show the possibility of modulating the spinal reflex arches. An immediate and constant significant reduction of about 50% in the amplitude of the H reflex is observed, suggesting the possibility of inhibitory modulation of the spinal motor neuron. The ability to modulate the H reflex offers the possibility of treating disorders characterized by impaired excitability of the motor neuron or painful muscle syndromes.


FREMS is also capable of producing a pain-relieving effect similar to that exploited by traditional analgesic electrostimulation.


FREMS ™ is proposed as a valid and innovative approach in the care of:

  • Treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory states
  • Pathologies of the musculoskeletal system such as radiculopathies (cervicobrachialgia, lumbosciatica, carpal tunnel, etc …)
  • Sports injuries (muscle injuries, tendinopathies, etc.)
  • Peripheral neurovascular complications (painful diabetic neuropathy, arterial vascular disease, venous or mixed stasis)
  • Chronic ulcers of various etiology

FREMS ™ therapy is administered by Aptiva Fisio Frems and Aptiva 4 medical devices and their respective Speeder portable models, through the application of small disposable transcutaneous electrodes certified specifically for the application of FREMS ™ to the area to be treated. The electrodes must be positioned according to standards defined for each specific treatment and protocols tested for each individual application.

The treatment consists of a cycle of sessions of about 30 minutes to be carried out on an outpatient basis and performed by appropriately trained doctors and health professionals. There are specific protocols for each type of pathology, allowing the choice between acute, sub-acute and chronic state. The specific treatment program and the number of sessions is established by the doctor.


We have demonstrated, with the scientific evidence given by about 100 national and international scientific studies, that the results obtained with the Frems ™ technology represent an effective solution for the treatment of many diseases of the musculoskeletal system. 


Various training opportunities, which meet every specific need: one-to-one meetings with one of our trainers, webinars, video tutorials and ECM courses.

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